Friday, December 08, 2006

My tetras are spawning!

... That's pretty much all the news right there. They decided to do their thing in the middle of a water change, so I'm afraid I might have accidentally sucked up the eggs, but hey, if they do it once they'll do it again, so I might have baby tetras in the nearish future. Woo!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

New tank!

It's all set up except the filter (which I'm getting for Christmas), and it looks very nice. It's even on a stand that Mark made for me. ^_^ That being said, never buy wood at Lowes unless you know what you want already... because I didn't have a clue what I was doing, and the dude talked me into MUCH heavier wood than I needed. The folks at Home Depot are much more helpful. Anyway, here's a picture:
Shrimp tank
I'm going to put shrimp and snails in it. I just got the Java moss today, the stuff is harder to tie in there than I thought it would be, I need to rearrange it so that one can see the nice canyon between the two big back rocks that I made. Still, it almost looks like I planned how it would look, rather than just throwing plants and rocks in there.

Anyway, on to the news that people care about, I'm sure. Thanksgiving went well... we went to Mark's sister's place and had vegan thanksgiving, which was wonderful and delicious and we had lots of fun, but it gave Elspeth terrible gas. Then on Friday I decided I wanted turkey dang it so we had thanksgiving again. I know, I'm crazy. Then on Saturday I got really sick! It couldn't have been any of the food, because Elspeth and Mark ate all the same things and are completely healthy, so I must have picked up a bug somewhere.

Speaking of bugs, Elspeth is all over her rash! Just pink spots! What rash you say? Well let me tell you... we thought it was the chicken pox, but it was only in her mouth and on her one arm, so off we went to the urgent care clinic. The nurse there was certain it was chicken pox, so why don't you just take her home so she doesn't infect anybody. I still wanted to see the doctor, even though she made me feel silly for it. Good thing I did! Three doctors later, we were fairly certain it wasn't chicken pox (but it might be), and had looked at the blister goo under a microscope, thus determining that it wasn't fungal. Everybody had a different theory. And you know what it was? Cold sores. Yup, cold sores, herpes virus, just all over her poor little arm, and by the time the test results got back, on one of her legs too. Like I said, it's completely better now though, just where the rash was the worst, the skin is kind of pinkish, and slightly raised. Poor boo. She's just glad not to have to wear mittens all the time though, I'm sure, and THANK HEAVEN IT WASN'T THE CHICKEN POX!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Another fish!

So, the glolite tetras have been chasing each other around violently and biting each other's fins. Not good behaviour. I talked to Jay at the LFS down the street, he says that he's never seen tetras do that before... but agreed that adding another one wouldn't hurt, and could help. So we have four tetras now, the new one of which is notably bigger than its companions. We're calling it Dartanian, and it's actually doing a pretty good job keeping the original three in line... while they're quite as active as before, they aren't quite as VIOLENT. I win.

Now if only I could get that shrimp tank... if nothing else, Christmas is coming up... >^.~<

Thursday, November 02, 2006

My poor shrimp!

At least one of them is dead (I found a corpse when I cleaned the filter), and I can't find the other two anywhere. I want an all shrimp tank! They were stressed out because the fish picked on them, and I'm sure that that's what did them in. Unless the fish killed them outright. Poor little shrimpies!

In news that people other than me care about, Elspeth had her birthday on Monday, and we had birthday pie. She was very cute, and smooshed it all over the place. Going further back, her party was on Saturday. It was supposed to start at three, but Elspeth fell asleep at freaking TWO FIFTY FIVE, but anyway nobody but my family and the Eastwoods got there on time... so the party REALLY started at about four when Elspeth woke up and the cousins finally got there. It was fun though, I made pinapple upside down cake, but we forgot to get out the ice cream, so now we have LOTS of ice cream.

Elspeth also grew another tooth... on the bottom! So she has three bottom teeth now, and no top teeth. All kinds of snaggle-toothed. But very cute. She's also toddling around really well now, especially when she's around all other kids who are walkers... but if there are any crawlers around, she crawls! She likes to be big, but she likes to be fast too, I guess.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Work is hard...

...but being your own boss is nice. I just got done with a HUGE game translation project. It was rough. I had some very late nights. But I made SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS in the last two weeks. Go me! Tokyopop has also emailed me, they have a position and want me to do an evaluation. Don't know if I can (or even want to, just now) take on a project, but hey, it's nice to be wanted and we'll see what they offer me.

We've also got our aquarium all the way stocked, and it's pretty nice. Very soothing. And I want another one. I bought some shrimp to go in this tank on a whim, and I'm absolutely addicted to the little critters. I'm trying to talk Mark into letting me set up a shrimp tank, and I'm going to try to breed zebra shrimp... it shouldn't be too hard, and they don't need a heater, so the set up should be pretty inexpensive. Just a tank, a cheap filter, rocks and shrimp.

That being said, I'm irked because I can only find two of the three shrimp we have currently. If I find a corpse before Saturday though, I can bring it in to the LFS and they'll give me a new shrimp, so if I can't find that last one by tomorrow I'm going to turn over the rocks and look in the filter. I don't think it's in there, but hey, might as well look.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Apparently, Elspeth likes fish too.

She points at them and says "shish, shish!" So yes, my baby says fish (at least sort of) and knows what they are! However she also smudges the aquarium glass a great deal. Silly baby. Also, one of the aquarium bulbs is definitely sprouting. Yay! Happy Monday!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

I like fish...

We got a fish tank, because I found a ten gallon set up (filter, heater, and all) for fifty bucks at petsmart. We also got some gravel and a couple of plants, because I like live plant aquariums and thought I would try my hand. NEVER BUY LIVE PLANTS FROM PETSMART. Having been in our tank a grand total of two days, they were completely covered in hair algae and dying. Fortunately they gave me my money back, for I was filled with unbridled rage. Fortunately there's a place called Jay's Jungle down the street from which we got some Rotala.

That is not our rotala, but that's pretty much what it looks like...pretty plant. We also have a fligree myrio, whick looks rather like green feathers. Of course, the Petsmart algae is still in there, but we got a butterfly pleco who seems to at least be keeping it under control, and today we added some glolite tetras, which Mark picked out. We also have some aquarium bulbs we got from Walmart in there...apparently they'll grow almost no matter what you do to them, and make flowers if you're nice to them, so they should suck up whatever it is the algae is eating. At any rate I got ten of them for three bucks. They've only been in there for two days and are already starting to get some little white roots, so I'm feeling rather hopeful. We also have water lily bulbs, but I'm waiting on those until the "miracle bulbs" are growing. It is going to be a lovely tank.

Friday, September 01, 2006


Well, tooth, anyway. As in Elspeth has one. Lower front right, to be exact, and it is very pointy even in its current barely-above-the-gums stage. Like, you can only see it from above. Finally teeth on one hand, and on the other hand, she's getting entirely too big entirely too fast. I need a rewind button on the last year.

In other news, I bought a whole flat of raspberries today. It was only fifteen bucks (super cheap!) but I'm not entirely sure what to do with that many raspberries. Eat some and freeze some I suppose. We also got an aroma therapy diffuser and some citronella oil for the mosquito problem (they rebounded...I woke up yesterday morning with five new bites). With luck, that will at least keep them off of us as we slumber. Only about a month of mosquito season to go, I know, but I have absolutely had it.

The last thing is the blog seems to be getting spam comments. So, if you made those comments and are a real person and not a spam-bot, please don't be offended. If you didn't want your comments deleted you'd a) put something in them to make them look like you read my post and b) not have tags for things like viagra in your post. Anyway.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Elspeth is a stepper

As in, she can kinda walk if she wants to. Altho if it's further than about two steps, she just crawls cuz it's faster. =D So yeah, she took her first steps yesterday and I have mixed feelings about it. What happened to my soft little newborn boo? She's getting so big! Also, she's walking already and she doesn't even have any teeth! I guess I was a little too prepared for Average Baby, Elspeth's just too quick for me.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Family reunion = success

I won a door prize!
Originally uploaded by Driggs family.
Everybody was happy, nobody got sick or hurt, fun was had by all. Pictures are now on Flickr. Also yesterday we had a Chibi Posse reunion (Spike is back in town, dropping her brother off at the MTC), so pictures of that too. In related news, I PWN Mark at DDR. This is significant because he pwns me at, well, every other game ever made. Well, maybe not EVERY game, but you get the picture.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Sewing up a storm

Originally uploaded by Driggs family.
In the last week I've mad a onesie, a dress, and a new sling. I'm sewing up a freaking storm! Probably because we've been having a little extra stress lately and I find sewing soothing.

Anyway there're also some new pictures on the Flickr page. Current advice stands at just check there every couple days, as now that we have a DIGITAL CAMERA which I love so very very much that's about how often I'm posting pictures.

In other news, Elspeth can now go from sitting to standing without pulling up on something. Still can't walk yet tho, and still no teeth. She does these milestone things in whatever order she likes I guess...she pulled herself to standing before she crawled too, so I guess skipping around like this is just typical of Elspeth.

Last but not least we leave for the family reunion tomorrow. Yay! I'm so excited we need a break. Especially me needing a break from my email account. Seems like companies have started to scout me out (yay) but it's rather nerve wracking (boo) to have to do as many test translations as I've been doing lately (yay), especially because then I have to deal with rejection letters (boo). I've only had one of those so far tho so it's ok, and it was more of a "we'll write back when we have something that suits your style." Anyway.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Rest of pictures = up

Originally uploaded by Driggs family.
I am totally on top of things lately. Yay me! Not much happening otherwise, but there are tons of new and cute pictures. ^_^

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Originally uploaded by Driggs family.
Pictures = scanned! Here's the first lot, should have the rest up in the next couple of days, then we'll be more or less all caught up on the picture front...two whole rolls of film!

In other news, we got a DIGITAL CAMERA! So now, after the roll of film I'm finishing, we won't have to twiddle with the scanner any more so I should be much better about posting recent pictures. Yay!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Boy do I love being a mommy!

So, Elspeth learned how to flush today while I was plucking my eyebrows. First time was an accident -- then she looked at me, looked at the toilet, and did it again. Smart little cookie. I took pictures. Wasted a lot of water, but boy did we have fun!

On another note, our dentist takes my new insurance YAY~! I was worried I would have to find somebody new, and between that and finding a doctor for Elspeth, it would have been too much. Especially given I'm already due for a dental check (past due actually), and Elspeth needs a well baby check in about two weeks. Still have to find a pediatrician tho, bleck.

Friday, July 07, 2006

American culture is suicidal!

I found this one today and it made me laugh...I mean, seriously, it's almost becoming a crime to be a white Christian anymore, we're so full of self loathing! Seriously though, I shouldn't be surprised...the worst thing to be if you're trying to get scholarships, into school, or a job is a white male. Lowers your chances of getting accepted for almost anything these days, which leads me to another amusing thing: apparently women are a minority, despite constituting 51% of the population. And you know us minorities, we're just not smart or tough enough to get anything without all those federally required hiring and admissions quotas. Sheesh, it's embarrassing.

In other news (and off the soapbox), Elspeth STILL HAS NO TEETH! I swear, I can see them under there, they're just not out yet...this baby has gums of steel! Altho in all honesty, she might have one and I just don't know it, as she won't let me stick my finger in to feel for them. I've spent too much time fishing carpet fluff out of there I suppose.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mosquitos suck

So yeah, we have a mosquito problem. Like in our house. Of course, we don't want to just use DEET around Elspeth, so we're investigating alternative strategies. Namely, we got these little white things that plug into the electric outlets and make a very faint humming noise. Apparently they make some ultrasonic noise that mosquitos (and spiders, and mice, apparently) can't stand. So far they seem to be working...we've only found two this evening, and they were rather sluggish (one was crawling around on the kitchen floor) when previous evenings we find like four, and they still buzz around our ears all night. This has made Mark cutely paranoid about Elspeth and West Nile virus. Here's to hoping these things work...apparently catnip oil repels mosquitos better than DEET even, but I'm not sure how we would use that.


So, we got to go to the cannery in Lindon yesterday, and it was very much fun. We bought some stuff, and canned potatoe pearls, rice, and pinto beans. It was even a bit of a workout...reapeated lifting of five pound cans is really tiring!

Megan and Ashley watched Elspeth meanwhile, I'm so proud of her she was such a good girl! This is even the first time someone non-family has babysat her too, and only the second time someone non-Mark has taken care of her without me there. I was afraid she would scream the whole time! She even had a bottle for them and took a (short) nap, I'm amazed. They did give her cheerios whenever she wanted, and there was all kinds of new stuff for her to explore I suppose it's a good thing we took her there instead of Ashley coming here. Though, we're discovering that it's a very good thing I found a way to work from home...I was nervous about leaving her for two hours, I would have a nervous breakdown if I had to leave her in daycare all day long! She's MY sweet baby. =D

Monday, June 19, 2006

I need to whine about our neighbor's dog.

It is the ugliest, barkingest dog I have ever seen! It's a fair sized dog too. It used to be they'd tie it up to the porch, and it would come charging out whenever anybody walked by -- which we have to do to get in our front door -- barking and growling, and generally acting like he'd bite you if it weren't for that skinny little rope. Our mailman is scared of him even, and you'd think mailmen would be at least a little jaded! Anyway, now they've started tieing him up in the back yard -- better from the point of view of him trying to attack mailmen and small children. The problem is now he barks INCESSANTLY. All day yesterday, until like four in the morning, then for three or four hours today. Constant. Barking. We've been thinking about calling animal control to make a complaint for awhile now (we can't get ahold of the owners ourselves because a) they're almost never home and b) we're terrified of their dog), but this was just it. The officer says he can come talk to them, or leave a "door hanger" that says they have to go talk to him. Freaking dog. Maybe they'll finally do something about it, but I'm trying not to get too hopeful...personally, I hope they move!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Howard's book

I finally finished reading the new Schlock Mercenary book. All of it, not just the new stuff. It is GREAT. If any of y'all want one, you should go to the Schlock site. There's new shiney there every day anyway. Yay for comics!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Mark's birthday was on Saturday, and we had loads of fun even though I feel guilty because I haven't gotten him a present yet (the video game check still hasn't arrived and I have no money until it does). We went swimming at the pool for Mike Hurd's apartment Friday, and played Settlers of Catan. Saturday we went to ARMA, and had dinner at Bombay House. The host (who I think might be the owner) always remembers us, he made sure we got the cooshy chairs and Mark got free mango ice cream. I'm allergic to mangos so I could only have a tiny bit, but it was really good. We went to Megan and Stew's place and played Munchkin with them and Maryanne and Seth, and had birthday pie (peanut butter cup, Mark's favorite). Elspeth was very cute, she chased Megan's cats around. So all in all, a most excellent weekend.

In other news, Elspeth falls down a lot! She crawls like crazy, and can pull her self up on things and tries to walk around them, but she can't quite get back down again so she just sort of falls. She's getting better at falling on her bottom instead of her head, but still. She also likes to push the laundry basket around. She is full of trouble! Fortunately Mark went on a cleaning kick yesterday, so there's less dangerous stuff for her to get into...although she always seems to find more, even when we thought there was none!

Should be more pictures soonish, as I just now realized I have a whole roll of film developed that I haven't scanned yet, and the roll in the camera is almost all the way full. Maybe I'll make Mark set up the scanner here for me, as he insists we have one, but I've never actually seen it.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My baby is getting big!

Ok, so Elspeth stood up in the tub yesterday. ALL BY HERSELF. She's way too wiggly for the baby tub now, she pulled herself up on the edge and almost tipped the whole thing over. I'm very impressed with her, needless to say. Her rashes are mostly better, too, although we did get her immunized yesterday, so she has a touch of a fever today, and has been very cranky. Poor little boo.

Also, anybody with advice on how often and how long six month olds can be expected to nap, please speak up, as it's easy to get her down for her naps as long as I recognize when she's tired before she gets OVER tired, which I'm afraid I'm not very good at yet.

Friday, April 21, 2006

We are very busy bees.

Independant sitting!
Originally uploaded by Driggs family.
So I developped two rolls of film. First one is totally posted on Flickr now...most of it anyway, as NONE of the pictures from the ARMA event turned out. There's one or two on the second roll that were ok and I'll post those later, but still. The event is CURSED, my pictures of it NEVER turn out, year after year.

As an update, I have learned several lessons. First, Elspeth can army crawl in her sleep. This is significant because I put her in the crib then wake up to an incredible THUNK as her poor little head hits the headboard. Scared the spit out of me first couple times it happened. Also, remember that job with the rediculous deadlines that I learned my lesson about all nighters from? I finally got paid for it, and it's even fishier than it was before...the check isn't from the company, but from the project manager. As in, it appears to be a personal check. Glad I got out of that situation, blessing in disguise, and thank heaven I got paid. Mark is taking finals AS WE SPEAK. Pray for him, his calculus class is SCARY. I finished my video game job yesterday, which is kind of sad and kind of a relief. With any luck the company will have more work for me, or perhaps my project manager (who's leaving the company in three days) will give me work in her new job. Also, I sent in my paperwork for a new client yesterday. Yay! Things are coming together, a little bit at a time.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Long time no post...again...

We are very busy. I mean seriously, when I'm not working Elspeth gets my FULL attention as now she can roll around all over the place. The only ways to keep her stationary are to put her in her swing, her bouncer, or her crib. She can do flips over the boppy, and kinda skoot around on her elbows by pushing with her feet. If the landlord doesn't call us back soon I'm installing those child safety locks on our cupboards without his ok. Mark is working hard to finish the, we have very little time. Also, Elspeth sleeps with mittens now so she'll leave her poor little eczema cheeks alone, and it seems to be working. Cross your fingers.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Happy birthday to me!

So, yesterday was my birthday, and we had LOADS of fun. Went to ARMA. Byron clipped me right between the eyes, so now it looks like I'm opening my third eye. Not too bad but it looks funny. We went to Tucanos for dinner (I'm in their birthday club, so I get a free dinner there in March) with Kris and Byron, and the waiters sung the song and embarrassed me, but I got ice cream. I ate too much. We had a birthday pie (I didn't want a cake, I wanted pie!) but we didn't eat any until this morning because we were all stuffed. I got lots of comic books, and the DVD of Howl's Moving Castle. A most excellent birthday. But Elspeth decided she was NOT sleeping in the crib so we got to stay up until three in the morning trying to settle her. Urgh. With any luck at all we won't have a repeat of that. Heck, she's sleeping NOW, maybe she'll stay that way. I can handle it if she gets up early if she'd just go to bed at a decent hour!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Ok ok, so I forgot the actual UPDATE part...

Also, I'm too lazy to deal with the html to edit the post from Flickr, so there. Anyway, I seem to be Boris's right hand proofer now...he gives me four or five jobs most days, which at twelve dollars an hour isn't too shabby. Also, he's a lot nicer to me now that I'm doing work that is useful to him instead of creating more work for him. Go figure. I had another job, translating interviews from a business journal, but apparently I made a lot of mistakes (although I don't know what she's talking about) so I got the boot. Now I have to make her pay me for what I already did. Smells fishy to me, frankly, but I learned my lesson both about all-nighters (read: source of any errors there might have been) and getting things in writing. I also have a job editing translations for...a video game! Don't ask me what it is because all I'm allowed to say is it's an adventure/RPG for the PSII. When it comes out I will tell you, so no badgering. Just pray that my translators start sending me stuff SOON or I'm screwed on my deadline. Pray HARD. Remember what I said about my lesson re: all-nighters. Urgh.


Originally uploaded by Driggs family.
I got the pictures developped. I uploaded many pictures. You can tell I'm the one who takes all the pictures, as most of these are just Elspeth doing something I thought was cute. You can really tell she's our firstborn, we take pictures of EVERYTHING. She is a very well documented baby. Also, her hair is turning blond so it looks like she's balding. But she's not! She has lots of hair! Argh!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

So, we're the untrained militia...

Mark and I found this amusing. We also scored exactly the same...

Untrained Militia
You are 17% of a gun nut!
You know just enough about guns to make them work, if necessary. Don't try for a job as a hitman or mercenary, or you'll be laughed out the door.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 1% on knowledge
Link: The Gun Nut Test written by slayer1am on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

So the doctor said...

We went in for Elspeth's four month check up today, and she's doing great except the hideous exema down one side of her face. Poor baby, although I'm sure it bothers us more than it bothers her. Also, she has a really big, 90th percentile while the rest of her is 25th percentile. Most probable reason: she takes after grandpa. Either way we're supposed to get her measured again in a month just to be on the cautious side, which I don't mind because it is free. The real issue is some time this week we have to get her immunized again...I don't know, something about some stranger sticking my baby with needles brings out the mamma bear in me and I have this sudden impulse to grab the baby and run. I know it's neccessary, and I know she's fine, so of course she's getting her immunizations, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Also due to the apparent allergic reaction to SOMETHING (aka the exema of doom) we get to go very, VERY slowly introducing solid foods. Which is just fine by me, to be perfectly honest. The doctor recommends waiting until between five and six months, starting with rice cereal with breastmilk or apple juice, and no other new foods for a month as we very slowly increase the quantity until she's eating twice a day. Hooray a plan I suppose.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

A mazillion pictures!

New little sleepy boo
Originally uploaded by Driggs family.
I finally got the pictures from Kris, so there's about thirty or so new pictures on the Flickr site. Check it out!

Also, we made it to all our church meetings today! Yay! And the Mark and Byron moved the crib to the bedroom! We are so totally on a roll today.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Long time, no post...

There are very good reasons for that though, the first of which is named Boris...he's my new editor for my new (probationary) patent translating job, and editors chew on one a LOT. Also, I now know more about photopolymerization than I ever cared to, but that's ok, and also all I'm allowed to say about my just finished first job. Good old NDA. I can't even show it to Mark, which is entertaining, since I have to use his computer to type it up.

In other news, Elspeth is almost four months old! I'm excited about starting solid foods but hesitant. Probably won't start at least until she gets a hang of the sippy cup though, which we are using because she absolutely refuses to take a bottle. Heaven help us if we ever offered her formula if she screams this much over a bottle full of breast milk...she's my little gormet. >^.^<

Sunday, February 12, 2006


So, today I'm feeling sickish, Mark is in Virginia, and Elspeth has already needed to have her clothes changed twice. Looking like that kind of day. Also, despite having been logged in for a total of 16 hours, I haven't gotten even ONE interpreting call, and thus, I make no money at this job. I've used some of that time to finish the test translation for Wortham sensei tho...Mark went over it with a fine-tooth comb for English grammar last night, and tomorrow I'm going to get somebody who knows Japanese to go over it to make sure I didn't make any translation mistakes. Then I can send it in, and hopefully, HOPEFULLY they'll give me some work. We need the money, and I do NOT want to have to put Elspeth in daycare. Not until she's at least twelve months old, and not even then if I can help it...despite being bold, outgoing, and college-educated, I'd really prefer to be a stay at home mom.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I oriented for my job today! I'm still scared like crazy to actually log in, but I could at any time now...and get paid $.40/minute that I'm actually interpreting. If I'm logged in and just don't get any calls I make no money though, which SUCKS. I'm going to use the time to try and get this technical translating job Wortham sensei sent to me though...I have to do the sample translation, and it is a beast. Patents are evil.

Also, Mark's grandma passed away last night, so if I there are no posts for awhile, that's probably why...

Today has been like getting stabbed in the eye.

Monday, February 06, 2006

So, I'm kinda scared...

I get oriented for my new job tomorrow, and it's kind of scary. Not even the job itself, the ORIENTATION is scary. They do it by conference call, and I have to dial in all kinds of magic codes to make it work. A big part of me is convinced that my 9 AM sleepy brain won't be able to handle it, or I'll break it, or SOMETHING, and I'll have to wait for the next orientation, which they only have every couple of months. And I've even managed to curb my fear of this job, too. It helps to know what I'll be interpreting...apparently their main client is immigration courts. That, I can handle. %D

On a lighter note, Elspeth rolled from front to back yesterday, although I think I made her mad at me...I wanted to see her do it again, so I kept flipping her back over. Bad mommy. ^o^

Friday, February 03, 2006

Most popular picture?

Originally uploaded by Driggs family.
This puzzles me...the picture on my Flickr page that has been viewed the most times at 41 (beating out number two by like 30 views) is this picture of me being massively pregnant. WHO IS LOOKING AT THIS PICTURE??? I certainly don't think it's that interesting. =D

On another note, today Elspeth passed a toy from one hand to the other all by herself. I know, it isn't much, but I'm terribly impressed! *^_^*

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Two problems...

As the title says, I seem to have two problems. The first one is, Elspeth is teething which makes her very cranky. This I can deal with, but because of the teething/crankiness, she refuses to sleep in her bassinet. Or crib. Frankly, anywhere except being held, in her sling, or in my bed. So either I don't sleep at all or I don't sleep very well because when she's in bed with me she's like a cuddly little homing missile, and she kicks and grunts when she goes through a light sleep phase even when she's not going to wake up. The "cry it out" thing is not an option as it would cause either me or her to explode, and nothing I've tried works for more than an hour and a half. ARGH! Comments, I suppose, would be highly appreciated.

In lighter news, I orient for my interpreting job on Wednesday! Yay! Hopefully then I will find out exactly what I'm going to get paid. ^o^ Also, I finished putting this batch of pictures on Flickr, so check it out...there should be more as soon as I finish this roll of film (11 pictures to go, plus developing time).

Ok, so I figured out a new trick.

Yay we're done?
Yay we're done?,
originally uploaded by Driggs family.
In Flickr you can put notes on your, when you drag your mouse over our pictures now, little boxes show up, and if you put your mouse over the box you can see a note I wrote about that part of the picture. Technology is freaking amazing. And it's FREE. It just keeps getting better and better. <(^.^)>

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

New pictures!

I just scanned a MASSIVE number of pictures. Like, all the ones I could find since I got pregnant with Elspeth. I am slowly putting them on check now to see some, and over the next couple of days to see more. =^.^=


Our Flickr account is now up and running (at least mostly), so you'll always be able to see our picture galleries (currently at a total of five pictures) via the link at the bottom of this page. We'll post more pictures as soon as I manage to either a) beat the scanner into submission or b) get my relatives with digital cameras to send us their pictures.

Monday, January 30, 2006

A slightly more recent picture...

This is Elspeth on the day of her two week checkup...and the most recent pic we currently have in the computer. Since then she has become three months old (happy birthday Elspeth!), learned to hold up her head and roll from back to front. Sometimes anyway, she HATES being on her stomach.

Kim's hunt for translating work is still on. Supposedly I'm going to get oriented for that interpreting job, but heaven only knows when. In the mean time, I still need work. %P

(post by Kim)

Picture time!

Me and Elspeth, at the hospital...technically I'm posting this to test the photo-posting abilities of this server, but also because the reason we made this thing seems to be to show off our cute little baby. >^.^<


This is a test.