Thursday, June 22, 2006


So, we got to go to the cannery in Lindon yesterday, and it was very much fun. We bought some stuff, and canned potatoe pearls, rice, and pinto beans. It was even a bit of a workout...reapeated lifting of five pound cans is really tiring!

Megan and Ashley watched Elspeth meanwhile, I'm so proud of her she was such a good girl! This is even the first time someone non-family has babysat her too, and only the second time someone non-Mark has taken care of her without me there. I was afraid she would scream the whole time! She even had a bottle for them and took a (short) nap, I'm amazed. They did give her cheerios whenever she wanted, and there was all kinds of new stuff for her to explore I suppose it's a good thing we took her there instead of Ashley coming here. Though, we're discovering that it's a very good thing I found a way to work from home...I was nervous about leaving her for two hours, I would have a nervous breakdown if I had to leave her in daycare all day long! She's MY sweet baby. =D

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