Monday, June 19, 2006

I need to whine about our neighbor's dog.

It is the ugliest, barkingest dog I have ever seen! It's a fair sized dog too. It used to be they'd tie it up to the porch, and it would come charging out whenever anybody walked by -- which we have to do to get in our front door -- barking and growling, and generally acting like he'd bite you if it weren't for that skinny little rope. Our mailman is scared of him even, and you'd think mailmen would be at least a little jaded! Anyway, now they've started tieing him up in the back yard -- better from the point of view of him trying to attack mailmen and small children. The problem is now he barks INCESSANTLY. All day yesterday, until like four in the morning, then for three or four hours today. Constant. Barking. We've been thinking about calling animal control to make a complaint for awhile now (we can't get ahold of the owners ourselves because a) they're almost never home and b) we're terrified of their dog), but this was just it. The officer says he can come talk to them, or leave a "door hanger" that says they have to go talk to him. Freaking dog. Maybe they'll finally do something about it, but I'm trying not to get too hopeful...personally, I hope they move!

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Anonymous said...

I was cleaning off my computer desk, came across your little piece of paper.... and got adventurous. I finally checked in on your blog site. So Fun! So Interesting! I love it!
Love the pictures--I recognize some of them :) Glad I could contribute to the photo pool...that made me feel honored you'd use some of my shots. I love to take pictures of memories.
You are all darling.
I empathize with your noisy dog problems...WE had the noisy dog in our neighborhood. Good luck.
Love you, Driggs-3 a bunch!
Auntie L