Tuesday, February 28, 2006

So the doctor said...

We went in for Elspeth's four month check up today, and she's doing great except the hideous exema down one side of her face. Poor baby, although I'm sure it bothers us more than it bothers her. Also, she has a really big head...like, 90th percentile while the rest of her is 25th percentile. Most probable reason: she takes after grandpa. Either way we're supposed to get her measured again in a month just to be on the cautious side, which I don't mind because it is free. The real issue is some time this week we have to get her immunized again...I don't know, something about some stranger sticking my baby with needles brings out the mamma bear in me and I have this sudden impulse to grab the baby and run. I know it's neccessary, and I know she's fine, so of course she's getting her immunizations, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Also due to the apparent allergic reaction to SOMETHING (aka the exema of doom) we get to go very, VERY slowly introducing solid foods. Which is just fine by me, to be perfectly honest. The doctor recommends waiting until between five and six months, starting with rice cereal with breastmilk or apple juice, and no other new foods for a month as we very slowly increase the quantity until she's eating twice a day. Hooray a plan I suppose.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

A mazillion pictures!

New little sleepy boo
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I finally got the pictures from Kris, so there's about thirty or so new pictures on the Flickr site. Check it out!

Also, we made it to all our church meetings today! Yay! And the Mark and Byron moved the crib to the bedroom! We are so totally on a roll today.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Long time, no post...

There are very good reasons for that though, the first of which is named Boris...he's my new editor for my new (probationary) patent translating job, and editors chew on one a LOT. Also, I now know more about photopolymerization than I ever cared to, but that's ok, and also all I'm allowed to say about my just finished first job. Good old NDA. I can't even show it to Mark, which is entertaining, since I have to use his computer to type it up.

In other news, Elspeth is almost four months old! I'm excited about starting solid foods but hesitant. Probably won't start at least until she gets a hang of the sippy cup though, which we are using because she absolutely refuses to take a bottle. Heaven help us if we ever offered her formula if she screams this much over a bottle full of breast milk...she's my little gormet. >^.^<

Sunday, February 12, 2006


So, today I'm feeling sickish, Mark is in Virginia, and Elspeth has already needed to have her clothes changed twice. Looking like that kind of day. Also, despite having been logged in for a total of 16 hours, I haven't gotten even ONE interpreting call, and thus, I make no money at this job. I've used some of that time to finish the test translation for Wortham sensei tho...Mark went over it with a fine-tooth comb for English grammar last night, and tomorrow I'm going to get somebody who knows Japanese to go over it to make sure I didn't make any translation mistakes. Then I can send it in, and hopefully, HOPEFULLY they'll give me some work. We need the money, and I do NOT want to have to put Elspeth in daycare. Not until she's at least twelve months old, and not even then if I can help it...despite being bold, outgoing, and college-educated, I'd really prefer to be a stay at home mom.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I oriented for my job today! I'm still scared like crazy to actually log in, but I could at any time now...and get paid $.40/minute that I'm actually interpreting. If I'm logged in and just don't get any calls I make no money though, which SUCKS. I'm going to use the time to try and get this technical translating job Wortham sensei sent to me though...I have to do the sample translation, and it is a beast. Patents are evil.

Also, Mark's grandma passed away last night, so if I there are no posts for awhile, that's probably why...

Today has been like getting stabbed in the eye.

Monday, February 06, 2006

So, I'm kinda scared...

I get oriented for my new job tomorrow, and it's kind of scary. Not even the job itself, the ORIENTATION is scary. They do it by conference call, and I have to dial in all kinds of magic codes to make it work. A big part of me is convinced that my 9 AM sleepy brain won't be able to handle it, or I'll break it, or SOMETHING, and I'll have to wait for the next orientation, which they only have every couple of months. And I've even managed to curb my fear of this job, too. It helps to know what I'll be interpreting...apparently their main client is immigration courts. That, I can handle. %D

On a lighter note, Elspeth rolled from front to back yesterday, although I think I made her mad at me...I wanted to see her do it again, so I kept flipping her back over. Bad mommy. ^o^

Friday, February 03, 2006

Most popular picture?

Originally uploaded by Driggs family.
This puzzles me...the picture on my Flickr page that has been viewed the most times at 41 (beating out number two by like 30 views) is this picture of me being massively pregnant. WHO IS LOOKING AT THIS PICTURE??? I certainly don't think it's that interesting. =D

On another note, today Elspeth passed a toy from one hand to the other all by herself. I know, it isn't much, but I'm terribly impressed! *^_^*

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Two problems...

As the title says, I seem to have two problems. The first one is, Elspeth is teething which makes her very cranky. This I can deal with, but because of the teething/crankiness, she refuses to sleep in her bassinet. Or crib. Frankly, anywhere except being held, in her sling, or in my bed. So either I don't sleep at all or I don't sleep very well because when she's in bed with me she's like a cuddly little homing missile, and she kicks and grunts when she goes through a light sleep phase even when she's not going to wake up. The "cry it out" thing is not an option as it would cause either me or her to explode, and nothing I've tried works for more than an hour and a half. ARGH! Comments, I suppose, would be highly appreciated.

In lighter news, I orient for my interpreting job on Wednesday! Yay! Hopefully then I will find out exactly what I'm going to get paid. ^o^ Also, I finished putting this batch of pictures on Flickr, so check it out...there should be more as soon as I finish this roll of film (11 pictures to go, plus developing time).

Ok, so I figured out a new trick.

Yay we're done?
Yay we're done?,
originally uploaded by Driggs family.
In Flickr you can put notes on your pictures...so, when you drag your mouse over our pictures now, little boxes show up, and if you put your mouse over the box you can see a note I wrote about that part of the picture. Technology is freaking amazing. And it's FREE. It just keeps getting better and better. <(^.^)>