Monday, February 06, 2006

So, I'm kinda scared...

I get oriented for my new job tomorrow, and it's kind of scary. Not even the job itself, the ORIENTATION is scary. They do it by conference call, and I have to dial in all kinds of magic codes to make it work. A big part of me is convinced that my 9 AM sleepy brain won't be able to handle it, or I'll break it, or SOMETHING, and I'll have to wait for the next orientation, which they only have every couple of months. And I've even managed to curb my fear of this job, too. It helps to know what I'll be interpreting...apparently their main client is immigration courts. That, I can handle. %D

On a lighter note, Elspeth rolled from front to back yesterday, although I think I made her mad at me...I wanted to see her do it again, so I kept flipping her back over. Bad mommy. ^o^

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The Posey Family said...

ah-hah! i know why i thought your job this was today! you says tomorrow in your last post but that was monday! LOL just giving you grief i thought all day long i had lost my mind. good luck!!!!!