Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mosquitos suck

So yeah, we have a mosquito problem. Like in our house. Of course, we don't want to just use DEET around Elspeth, so we're investigating alternative strategies. Namely, we got these little white things that plug into the electric outlets and make a very faint humming noise. Apparently they make some ultrasonic noise that mosquitos (and spiders, and mice, apparently) can't stand. So far they seem to be working...we've only found two this evening, and they were rather sluggish (one was crawling around on the kitchen floor) when previous evenings we find like four, and they still buzz around our ears all night. This has made Mark cutely paranoid about Elspeth and West Nile virus. Here's to hoping these things work...apparently catnip oil repels mosquitos better than DEET even, but I'm not sure how we would use that.

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