Friday, July 07, 2006

American culture is suicidal!

I found this one today and it made me laugh...I mean, seriously, it's almost becoming a crime to be a white Christian anymore, we're so full of self loathing! Seriously though, I shouldn't be surprised...the worst thing to be if you're trying to get scholarships, into school, or a job is a white male. Lowers your chances of getting accepted for almost anything these days, which leads me to another amusing thing: apparently women are a minority, despite constituting 51% of the population. And you know us minorities, we're just not smart or tough enough to get anything without all those federally required hiring and admissions quotas. Sheesh, it's embarrassing.

In other news (and off the soapbox), Elspeth STILL HAS NO TEETH! I swear, I can see them under there, they're just not out yet...this baby has gums of steel! Altho in all honesty, she might have one and I just don't know it, as she won't let me stick my finger in to feel for them. I've spent too much time fishing carpet fluff out of there I suppose.

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