Sunday, March 19, 2006

Happy birthday to me!

So, yesterday was my birthday, and we had LOADS of fun. Went to ARMA. Byron clipped me right between the eyes, so now it looks like I'm opening my third eye. Not too bad but it looks funny. We went to Tucanos for dinner (I'm in their birthday club, so I get a free dinner there in March) with Kris and Byron, and the waiters sung the song and embarrassed me, but I got ice cream. I ate too much. We had a birthday pie (I didn't want a cake, I wanted pie!) but we didn't eat any until this morning because we were all stuffed. I got lots of comic books, and the DVD of Howl's Moving Castle. A most excellent birthday. But Elspeth decided she was NOT sleeping in the crib so we got to stay up until three in the morning trying to settle her. Urgh. With any luck at all we won't have a repeat of that. Heck, she's sleeping NOW, maybe she'll stay that way. I can handle it if she gets up early if she'd just go to bed at a decent hour!

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