Friday, August 04, 2006

Sewing up a storm

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In the last week I've mad a onesie, a dress, and a new sling. I'm sewing up a freaking storm! Probably because we've been having a little extra stress lately and I find sewing soothing.

Anyway there're also some new pictures on the Flickr page. Current advice stands at just check there every couple days, as now that we have a DIGITAL CAMERA which I love so very very much that's about how often I'm posting pictures.

In other news, Elspeth can now go from sitting to standing without pulling up on something. Still can't walk yet tho, and still no teeth. She does these milestone things in whatever order she likes I guess...she pulled herself to standing before she crawled too, so I guess skipping around like this is just typical of Elspeth.

Last but not least we leave for the family reunion tomorrow. Yay! I'm so excited we need a break. Especially me needing a break from my email account. Seems like companies have started to scout me out (yay) but it's rather nerve wracking (boo) to have to do as many test translations as I've been doing lately (yay), especially because then I have to deal with rejection letters (boo). I've only had one of those so far tho so it's ok, and it was more of a "we'll write back when we have something that suits your style." Anyway.

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