Saturday, September 23, 2006

I like fish...

We got a fish tank, because I found a ten gallon set up (filter, heater, and all) for fifty bucks at petsmart. We also got some gravel and a couple of plants, because I like live plant aquariums and thought I would try my hand. NEVER BUY LIVE PLANTS FROM PETSMART. Having been in our tank a grand total of two days, they were completely covered in hair algae and dying. Fortunately they gave me my money back, for I was filled with unbridled rage. Fortunately there's a place called Jay's Jungle down the street from which we got some Rotala.

That is not our rotala, but that's pretty much what it looks like...pretty plant. We also have a fligree myrio, whick looks rather like green feathers. Of course, the Petsmart algae is still in there, but we got a butterfly pleco who seems to at least be keeping it under control, and today we added some glolite tetras, which Mark picked out. We also have some aquarium bulbs we got from Walmart in there...apparently they'll grow almost no matter what you do to them, and make flowers if you're nice to them, so they should suck up whatever it is the algae is eating. At any rate I got ten of them for three bucks. They've only been in there for two days and are already starting to get some little white roots, so I'm feeling rather hopeful. We also have water lily bulbs, but I'm waiting on those until the "miracle bulbs" are growing. It is going to be a lovely tank.

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