Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Mark's birthday was on Saturday, and we had loads of fun even though I feel guilty because I haven't gotten him a present yet (the video game check still hasn't arrived and I have no money until it does). We went swimming at the pool for Mike Hurd's apartment Friday, and played Settlers of Catan. Saturday we went to ARMA, and had dinner at Bombay House. The host (who I think might be the owner) always remembers us, he made sure we got the cooshy chairs and Mark got free mango ice cream. I'm allergic to mangos so I could only have a tiny bit, but it was really good. We went to Megan and Stew's place and played Munchkin with them and Maryanne and Seth, and had birthday pie (peanut butter cup, Mark's favorite). Elspeth was very cute, she chased Megan's cats around. So all in all, a most excellent weekend.

In other news, Elspeth falls down a lot! She crawls like crazy, and can pull her self up on things and tries to walk around them, but she can't quite get back down again so she just sort of falls. She's getting better at falling on her bottom instead of her head, but still. She also likes to push the laundry basket around. She is full of trouble! Fortunately Mark went on a cleaning kick yesterday, so there's less dangerous stuff for her to get into...although she always seems to find more, even when we thought there was none!

Should be more pictures soonish, as I just now realized I have a whole roll of film developed that I haven't scanned yet, and the roll in the camera is almost all the way full. Maybe I'll make Mark set up the scanner here for me, as he insists we have one, but I've never actually seen it.

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