Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Work is hard...

...but being your own boss is nice. I just got done with a HUGE game translation project. It was rough. I had some very late nights. But I made SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS in the last two weeks. Go me! Tokyopop has also emailed me, they have a position and want me to do an evaluation. Don't know if I can (or even want to, just now) take on a project, but hey, it's nice to be wanted and we'll see what they offer me.

We've also got our aquarium all the way stocked, and it's pretty nice. Very soothing. And I want another one. I bought some shrimp to go in this tank on a whim, and I'm absolutely addicted to the little critters. I'm trying to talk Mark into letting me set up a shrimp tank, and I'm going to try to breed zebra shrimp... it shouldn't be too hard, and they don't need a heater, so the set up should be pretty inexpensive. Just a tank, a cheap filter, rocks and shrimp.

That being said, I'm irked because I can only find two of the three shrimp we have currently. If I find a corpse before Saturday though, I can bring it in to the LFS and they'll give me a new shrimp, so if I can't find that last one by tomorrow I'm going to turn over the rocks and look in the filter. I don't think it's in there, but hey, might as well look.

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