Thursday, November 02, 2006

My poor shrimp!

At least one of them is dead (I found a corpse when I cleaned the filter), and I can't find the other two anywhere. I want an all shrimp tank! They were stressed out because the fish picked on them, and I'm sure that that's what did them in. Unless the fish killed them outright. Poor little shrimpies!

In news that people other than me care about, Elspeth had her birthday on Monday, and we had birthday pie. She was very cute, and smooshed it all over the place. Going further back, her party was on Saturday. It was supposed to start at three, but Elspeth fell asleep at freaking TWO FIFTY FIVE, but anyway nobody but my family and the Eastwoods got there on time... so the party REALLY started at about four when Elspeth woke up and the cousins finally got there. It was fun though, I made pinapple upside down cake, but we forgot to get out the ice cream, so now we have LOTS of ice cream.

Elspeth also grew another tooth... on the bottom! So she has three bottom teeth now, and no top teeth. All kinds of snaggle-toothed. But very cute. She's also toddling around really well now, especially when she's around all other kids who are walkers... but if there are any crawlers around, she crawls! She likes to be big, but she likes to be fast too, I guess.

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