Monday, July 02, 2007

Busy day

First of all, the plants got here, so I spent about two hours stuffing them into the 20H.  It was SO MUCH FUN.  They sent me so many extra plants, and they were all perfect, even after getting stuck in the post office over the weekend.  Elspeth was my little helper, she did a good job with the string and small rocks.  Unfortunately though I kind of forgot about lunch, Elspeth was ok because I always have crackers and cheese and raisins out for her (some days, it's the only way she eats), but I was kinda woozy by the time I was done.  Low blood sugar is NOT fun.  I am hoping the crypts grow in quickly, when they do this tank is going to look AWESOME.  There will be pictures.

Today is also the first day of the Freedom Festival on Center Street, we went to that after quick dinner at Guru's (mmm, tasty noodles and rice), and we got to hear Moosebutter.  Elspeth loved it, which made Mark proud, I think.  Also, Elspeth saw an enormous tortoise, and was a little scared of it.  If it was far away, she wanted to look, but she did NOT want to get close!  She was very cute.

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Laura Posey said...

hey totally off subject... and i am at work so i have to contact you throughhere...

happy 4TH!!!!!

are you coming somewhat close to me this august still?