Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Got some aquarium snails in the mail on Friday, and they are eating/laying eggs like mad crazy.  They are cute little striped things, but really, too many is too many.  So I now have my morning rounds with the turkey baster removing extra eggs.  I am hatching some for Byron and some to try and trade in at the fish store, but we shall see, and really, I don't need THAT many snails.  I'm removing like three or four clutches EVERY DAY.  That would be lots of babies!

Elspeth loves the snails, she always wants to hold them which worries me as they are fairly small (size of a nickel), and I'm afraid she might mush one even with strict supervision.  So, we are thinking of getting her a haustrom, they sell them at one of the local fish stores.  These puppies get the size of a tennis ball, so there's no way she could hurt them.  They are plant eaters though, so it would need it's own tank.  I am thinking a 20 long (we could put it on the Abomination aquarium stand, it's not so bad now that it's in Elspeth's room), with just a filter.  Also a rainbow shark for Mark (he REALLY wants one) and maybe some brigs for me, just to fill it up.  So, if anybody wants to contribute to the coolest birthday present for Elspeth ever, let me know.  ~_^

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