Saturday, June 30, 2007

Kamikaze fish and shrimp eggs

Francis the betta jumped out of his bowl yesterday while we were out.  I forgot to put the lid back on when I changed his water.  Mark found him and thought he was dead.  Fortunately he landed ON his lid, which made him easy to pick up.  I flipped him back in and now he's swimming around like nothing happened.  Bettas are tough.  One of our shrimp has eggs, too, so hopefully by this time next month I'll have a bazillion tiny baby cherry shrimps swimming around in there.  We have completely given up on the red claw shrimp though, and have put our smaller gourami male in the old ten gallon, so that Talbot will leave him alone so he'll color up.  Got one more female too, so we have four females and two males.  The plants were supposed to come today but didn't.  They sent me a bunch of extras to make up for not shipping them sooner though, and they will get here for sure on Monday, so it's ok.  Disappointed though, I had been counting on spending my evening planting plants, not sitting around doing nothing.

In news that people other than me (and apparently Byron) care about, we went to the pool today and had lots of fun.  Got a little sunburned dispite the frequent slathering of sunscreen though.  At least Elspeth seems to be burn free.  Me and Mark though are definitely lightly toasted.  Apparently I look ok in my swimsuit though (a relief, I don't think I've lost much of the weight from Emersen yet).  Also, Mark got called as the move in specialist in our church.  Which is funny, because our other calling is as cochairs of the new member committee, so the two sort of go hand in hand.