Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ninja shrimp

Well, I can't find mama redclaw shrimp ANYWHERE.  It's only a 10 gallon tank too, either she climbed out (unlikely, I would have found her) or she's a freaking ninja.  Not finding any babies in there either.  I'm considering just getting a bunch of red claw juveniles from a dude I know in Payson, and growing them out myself, as I went back to Animal Ark and they appear to only have females... that also makes it possible that mama shrimp's eggs weren't fertile in the first place, so boo.  I did find a baby cherry shrimp in the other tank though, so at least one made it, maybe more.  I have a huge hair algae infested ball of java moss in there, if they climbed in there I'd never find them.

In non-shrimp news, Elspeth now says "yokai" when I tell her to do things... whether she does them or not.  Silly baby.  But she is learning Japanese, which I had been starting to wonder about.

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