Monday, April 14, 2008

Allergists are nice, but you never want to need one.

Elspeth is officially allergic to soy now.  And milk.  And eggs.  And we have an epipen in case she accidentally eats some peanuts, so she doesn't die.  T_T  Fortunately, since we have a letter from a real allergist, the WIC program will give us goat milk for Elspeth, which she should tollerate much better.  Which is weird, because I had actually not noticed any allergic symptoms when she has milk or milk products.  But hey, live and learn I suppose.  The big problem of course being that grocery store goat milk is not so great... any milk you buy is a MINIMUM of two weeks old, and goat milk doesn't have as long a shelf life as cow milk, it starts to taste goaty at about the week and a half point.  We are going to have to get some goats some day.

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