Friday, April 04, 2008

The adventure never ends

So, we have decided to do cloth diapers on the new baby, because it only costs about 20% as much as it would to use disposables.  Well and good.  But the stuff was already here, so I decided to try out my diaper-fu on Elspeth.  That is when I discovered the cause of the perpetual rash around her waist and legs -- she is allergic to something in the disposables.  We have also proved pretty conclusively that she is allergic to soy.  Now the diapers aren't that big a deal (the new one was going to be cloth buns anyway), but the soy, oddly enough, is.  Can't use cooking spray.  Can't use shortening.  No Oreos.  Most brands of granola are out too.  SOY IS IN EVERYTHING!!!  I swear, every time I think I have everything under control, she breaks out again, and yep... soy.  The good news about this is it may explain her egg "allergy" -- sometimes they bother her and sometimes they don't, and it's pretty much random.  Which means it's POSSIBLE that she isn't reacting to the eggs, she's reacting to the soy that they fed the chickens who laid the eggs.  Fortunately, my plans involved raising my own laying flock as soon as I have room anyway.  And soy isn't really good for chickens, so hey... healthy soy free chooks, healthy soy free Elspeth.  But in the mean time, I am getting VERY tired of reading labels.

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