Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sometimes, paranoia pays.

We spent Sunday night in the emergency room!  Extreme back pain and a fever, no fun at all.  But you know, we have good coverage for me right now, so the midwife said "go if you want, can't hurt anything and might be a good idea if it hurts that bad... definitely go if it gets ANY worse!"  So off went the paranoid pregnant lady!  Good thing too because it turns out I have a RAGING bladder infection.  Had?  Been on antibiotics since then, and am doing much better, but I do not feel well yet.  I slept all day yesterday though and that helped.  And the morphine they gave me wore off all the way, and the pain didn't come back.  And we got to have another ultrasound!  He was so active in there, even the tech was impressed -- "look at that baby go!" he says.  "Quit pushing on my head, that's what that baby's saying."  We got some great pictures, he's got all his limbs, and a cute little nose and a round little tummy, it was absolutely fantastic, and ALMOST worth spending a night in the emergency room.

So, yeah, paranoia really does pay off sometimes.  =)

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