Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sad news...

Well, for anyone who hasn't heard already, we lost the baby.  We found out he was gone last Monday at the ultrasound, we saw the o.b. on Tuesday, he induced me and the baby was stillborn in the wee small hours of Wednesday, April 25.  It was a boy, and we named him Emersen Paul.

We're slowly pulling back together, but having a rather rough time, as can be expected.  I'm doing well, health-wise.  We will going back to the doctor on Wednesday for our follow up appointment, at which we'll get the pathologist's report, and maybe find out what happened.  As things stand, they're saying cord accident (the cord was around his neck) and probable chromisomal abnormalities.  The doctor doesn't think that having the cord around his neck just once like it was would have caused any harm (a third of the babies he delivers have the cord around their neck, and no problems) unless there were underlaying problems that would have killed him anyway.  So what it boils down to is, there's nothing anyone could have done.  We'll also be getting the last of the blood tests in -- they are testing for abnormal clotting factors in me, which could have cut off blood to the placenta, but the tests are normal so far so that is unlikely.  If it was clotting factors, they can give me medicine next time to keep it from happening again though, so we have to make certain that wasn't the case.  Wait and see, I suppose.

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