Friday, January 23, 2009

Teeth, and I'm not allowed to watch horror movies

In news that people in addition to me care about, Wehna has finally popped out her first tooth. Lower front left. The one next to it is close too, when she screams at me for trying to look in her mouth I can see it right under the gum, just no sharp nubbing yet.

In news that I find interesting at least, I am not allowed to watch horror movies any more. Yeah, we had movie night in Byron's room and watched Silent Hill. It wasn't bad at the time, I actually rather enjoyed it, but tonight in the silence of hotel graveyard shift I could seriously not stop thinking about the horrible screaming burning things. No more horror films for me. At least not until I get a job with decent hours.


deemom said...

I also am not allowed to watch scary movies or movies that are not with honor. Where do you work?
love dee mom

Driggs said...

Fairfield Inn. It's a pretty good job, I just don't like having to work... being a stay at home mom is way better for me, but we need the money.