Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Yup, don't post very often.

  Too busy.  Byron's birthday was on the sixth, I made a cake (from scratch even, so Elspeth can eat some) and I didn't bake it long enough, so it collapsed in the middle and had a gooey center.  But you know what, he asked for a lava cake in the first place, so there you go.  Baked the same recipe for Elspeth's birthday, and it turned out much better because, you know, it was all the way cooked.  I also discovered that you can't just substitute oil for the butter in my frosting recipe, as it screws with the texture.  So, it was tasty, but looked kind of rustic, I guess.  Then we had Halloween, for which Elspeth dressed up as a witch.  And amidst all of this I was looking for a job.  I even got an interview to be an editor for Multiling, but they decided to "keep looking."  Blarg.  BUT, as of today I have a job!  I am going to work graveyard shift at the front desk of the Fairfield Inn, and I start tomorrow!  (Somebody please help me be excited about this...)  This week I will be working days, so I can get trained, though, so we don't know how it's going to work out with the whole "somebody has to watch the girls."  But, that is why I took graveyard shift, because it means I don't have to put my girls in daycare, at which Wena would have to wear disposable diapers, which make her poor skin get all scaley and bumpy and peeley.  Blargyay. 

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Scott and Jen Driggs said...


I'm not sure how valid this site is, but it may offer you some work-from-home options. It's virtualassistantjobs.com/jobs.html as well as sohojobs.com. There may be something that will allow you to do work via the internet, etc. Working from home has been a huge blessing for us...I didn't want to do the daycare thing either. That sure is going to be hard to be Mom all day long and then work all night...please let me know what I can do to help you find something working from home!