Monday, March 17, 2008

I don't post very often, do I?

But then, I question whether anyone reads this blog very often anyway, so there you go. Not much is new in any case... I am officially thirty weeks pregnant with a still-alive baby, my birthday is tomorrow, and my pepper seeds are (finally!) sprouting, and that is about it.  Also, Elspeth is trying to wrap my head in a towel, so I have to stop typing now.


Jen Driggs said...


I just wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love checking in on your blog to see what you are all up to...glad to hear that things are going well with the pregnancy...please keep us posted!!

Love, Jen

laura posey said...

hey kim!

i read your blog and sorry about the late birthday wishes! i am so excited for you and your baby and mark and eslpeth! keep up the good baking! let me know when your due!