Sunday, August 05, 2007

I think we're having a turf war

With our neighbor Rodney, over gardening space.  There's this long strip by the driveway that the landlord says we can dig up and plant whatever we want, since it is just weeds.  We were starting in on prep on a new patch for spring (I like to get as much work as possible done late summer/fall), and the next day Rodney had staked out the area right next to it.  Which made me mad, so I prepped all the way up to his line, though I had originally planned to stop about a foot short of there.  I bought some gooseberry bushes to plant at the line (on our side, of course) so he can't decide to take over more space again.  Really, he has the lion's share.  It is quite irritating, especially as his idea of a nice garden involves great stretches of bare dirt between his plants and mass amounts of chemicles to control weeds and bugs.  I plant as close together as possible so my plants shade out the weeds, and will be including catsnip and lemon balm to control bugs (besides, they smell pretty and make nice flowers and soothing teas).

Which leads to where I got all these plants, the nursery we found in southwest Provo.  They regularly have boysenberries, too, which I think I would like to plant along our fence in the spring.  Can't do it now because the zucchini is in the way, although I am getting pretty sick of those zucchini plants.  It would be wasteful to pull them up now though, as they are still producing like crazy, and I'm not one to waste even potential food.

I love my garden.  >^_^<

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