Thursday, January 11, 2007


We're having another baby! We're due August 28, and are very excited. And nautious. Well, actually I'm the only nautious one, but I'm not nearly as bad as I was at this point with Elspeth. Big relief, that. Elspeth is still breastfeeding, so I'm HUNGRY, ALL THE TIME, but it's not such a big sacrifice to eat more. I like food, and while I'm getting sick of having to find more every two hours or so, I have an excuse to eat more of my favorite nourishing comfort foods. Like baked potatoes. Mmm, potatoes...

In less exciting news, the cherry shrimp I ordered arrived today, and seem to be doing well. They are swimming a lot, which worries me (usually they only swim when they're stressed out, or looking for some action), but it's probably just because they're in a new tank. More than half are hiding, too, so enough should survive to start a nice breeding colony.


Laura Posey said...

wooohooo! yay! that is so awesome you guys! congradulations!!!!

ouij said...

Can't believe I'm only getting to this now, but CONGRATULATIONS!

Hey Mark, get in touch somehow. My address is lima-uniform-india-golf-india AT charlie-alpha-november-tango-alpha-bravo DOT november-echo-tango