Friday, April 21, 2006

We are very busy bees.

Independant sitting!
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So I developped two rolls of film. First one is totally posted on Flickr now...most of it anyway, as NONE of the pictures from the ARMA event turned out. There's one or two on the second roll that were ok and I'll post those later, but still. The event is CURSED, my pictures of it NEVER turn out, year after year.

As an update, I have learned several lessons. First, Elspeth can army crawl in her sleep. This is significant because I put her in the crib then wake up to an incredible THUNK as her poor little head hits the headboard. Scared the spit out of me first couple times it happened. Also, remember that job with the rediculous deadlines that I learned my lesson about all nighters from? I finally got paid for it, and it's even fishier than it was before...the check isn't from the company, but from the project manager. As in, it appears to be a personal check. Glad I got out of that situation, blessing in disguise, and thank heaven I got paid. Mark is taking finals AS WE SPEAK. Pray for him, his calculus class is SCARY. I finished my video game job yesterday, which is kind of sad and kind of a relief. With any luck the company will have more work for me, or perhaps my project manager (who's leaving the company in three days) will give me work in her new job. Also, I sent in my paperwork for a new client yesterday. Yay! Things are coming together, a little bit at a time.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Long time no post...again...

We are very busy. I mean seriously, when I'm not working Elspeth gets my FULL attention as now she can roll around all over the place. The only ways to keep her stationary are to put her in her swing, her bouncer, or her crib. She can do flips over the boppy, and kinda skoot around on her elbows by pushing with her feet. If the landlord doesn't call us back soon I'm installing those child safety locks on our cupboards without his ok. Mark is working hard to finish the, we have very little time. Also, Elspeth sleeps with mittens now so she'll leave her poor little eczema cheeks alone, and it seems to be working. Cross your fingers.