Friday, August 22, 2008

Secrets of potty training...

So you remember how I was all confused about how to get Elspeth to night time potty train?  Well the answer it turned out was simple... cloth trainers.  I just left her cloth trainers on her and VOILA, clean and dry every morning for THREE DAYS!  I guess she just figured that she was wearing a diaper, and diapers are for peeing in, so she peed.  But trainers are for keeping dry, so now she goes potty.

As a side note on cloth trainers, we are liking the cheap Gerber ones we got at Walmart.  They feel more like underwear, we guess.  They are also cheap, which is a winning quality all on its own.  But we also have a couple of Imse Vimse cloth trainers, and if you have the money for them they are FANTASTIC.  They have a layer of waterproofing in the outside, so they have to be mightily full to leak, and the inside is terry cloth so they hold a goodly bit.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Maybe she's going to potty train after all...

Suddenly Elspeth is dry all day long.  O_O  And I didn't have to bribe her or anything!  We do still have occasional accidents (like yesterday on the tennis court), but mostly only when we're out and about and she's really distracted.  Now if only I could figure out what I'm supposed to do to get her to night-time train, we would be set.